Meet your development worker – Joe Mager

Joe Mager is one of ten apprentice community development workers operating within North East Lincolnshire under Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire. The ten apprentices are all aged between 18 – 25 and each has a specialist area to concentrate on, Joes area is Coastal Tourism in Cleethorpes. “I’m very keen to get out there into the community and find out what the people are saying on the ground. I was born in Cleethorpes and have lived here my entire life (22 years) so I understand the needs & wants of the people in the area, it’s about getting these opinions recorded and delivered to the right people who can actually do something about them” said Joe Mager in a recent interview. “As I will have a focus on improving tourism in the area, I have so far attained from the younger people that there is a desperate need for more music events/venue spaces so this is something I will be taking very seriously. I’m always looking for motivated people in the area who are passionate about music, culture & the arts so we can work together on developing Cleethorpes for its residents as well as tourists. For too long have we relied on the weather to draw in tourism but I really do believe that through honest and open collaborations we can utilise the huge potential of the area and turn it into a vibrant cultural zone that can attract not only in summer but all year round”.

If you would like to contact Joe then you can call him on 01472 315437 or email